‘From sea to shining sea’

President Trump’s “Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States” (NY Times) was put to the test. The denial of entry into the United States by refugees is against the very values of this country. Why, then, should we call ourselves the “land of the free”?

Refugees, permanent residents and visitors from all over the world come to America because it’s a place of promise, beauty and acceptance; America stands for something: FREEDOM. How does the United States. look now?

Now, I understand the countering views: terrorism, safety, visa overstays. But should the crimes of a few determine the fate of the thousands who abide by the federal immigration laws? I’ll let you, the reader, answer that one. I begin to wonder what’s the truth behind this executive order, because from what I witnessed today, it simply looks like another form of Islamophobia. Such ignorance! The executive order claims it wants to protect Americans from the “Foreign Terrorists”, however, when you read the order it’s pretty clear who it labels as it’s primary “foreign terrorists”: Syrian refugees. REFUGEES. Look up the word and understand the weight of such a term.

Is this the United States President Trump wants? A country which will turn its back to people in need? If this is how he plans to treat people from other countries, I cannot begin to fathom what comes next. He closes off the United States to the outside world, shuts down the opposition, strips the media of its credibility and the rest is history. It is a scary thought. However, he cannot underestimate the American people. For every Trump supporter out there, there are just as many who will not stand silent. This was evident at JFK. The huge number of protesters and the wide spread media coverage allowed for a temporary halt to the ban. But it is far from over. The sad truth: Trump has supporters but a leader is only as strong as his followers. Let the people who see the injustices stand up and make their cries heard!

America the beautiful. America the great. Let it be known, as an American, I will use my power of language and the written word to express my thoughts.


– m (my opinions are my own – just as yours belong to you)


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