Painted Window

I see a window quite unlike

The others. Stopping next to it,

I wait for traffic lights to change.

My eyes observe the chipping sky

And flowers standing still and tints

So mixed with crud so as to dull

their shade. A window with no lock.

But for a moment there is peace,

And just like that the light turns green.






Go now and fathom,

My inner most thoughts.

Go in between the layers

And in between the lines

See how I think,

How I feel,

How I fight!

See how I’m tormented

Every day and every night.

Go now and dive

Into the depths of my mind,

Then let me know

What is it like

A day in a life

Like mine.



A great big fright

A great big fright

Have you experienced a kind of fear

That sends shivers akin to lighting bolts,

Down the lining of your spine?

A sudden jolt of the heart –

A cooling of the blood,

As time warps into itself and into a space

And you need to step outside to breathe!

A fear of a different kind takes shape

When the one you love is in danger,

Is hurting

A fear of a different kind overcomes you

A great big fright

The kind of fear you can’t shake

because it won’t stop shaking you.