Go now and fathom,

My inner most thoughts.

Go in between the layers

And in between the lines

See how I think,

How I feel,

How I fight!

See how I’m tormented

Every day and every night.

Go now and dive

Into the depths of my mind,

Then let me know

What is it like

A day in a life

Like mine.




A great big fright

A great big fright

Have you experienced a kind of fear

That sends shivers akin to lighting bolts,

Down the lining of your spine?

A sudden jolt of the heart –

A cooling of the blood,

As time warps into itself and into a space

And you need to step outside to breathe!

A fear of a different kind takes shape

When the one you love is in danger,

Is hurting

A fear of a different kind overcomes you

A great big fright

The kind of fear you can’t shake

because it won’t stop shaking you.