Painted Window

I see a window quite unlike

The others. Stopping next to it,

I wait for traffic lights to change.

My eyes observe the chipping skies

And flowers standing still and tints

So mixed with crud so as to dull

their shade. A window with no lock.

But for a moment there is peace,

And just like that the light turns green.




A sister’s laughter

I sometimes wonder what my life would have been like without my sisters. How many laughs would I have missed out on? How many arguments? The truth is, I cannot imagine my life without them. Growing up as the “big sister” also meant growing up as the “responsible one”. From the moment I realized I was the “big sister” I took my role to heart and continue do so now at the age of 31. But I would not have had it any other way.

A sister’s laughter cannot be replaced,

it’s as unique as the snow flake that melts on your skin.

A sister’s laughter can heal your pain and dry your tears,

it can also make all your fears simply disappear.

A life without my sisters — that’s no life at all!

I guess The Lion King was the trend back then…along with flower dresses!