A sister’s laughter

I sometimes wonder what my life would have been like without my sisters. How many laughs would I have missed out on? How many arguments? The truth is, I cannot imagine my life without them. Growing up as the “big sister” also meant growing up as the “responsible one”. From the moment I realized I was the “big sister” I took my role to heart and continue do so now at the age of 31. But I would not have had it any other way.

A sister’s laughter cannot be replaced,

it’s as unique as the snow flake that melts on your skin.

A sister’s laughter can heal your pain and dry your tears,

it can also make all your fears simply disappear.

A life without my sisters — that’s no life at all!

I guess The Lion King was the trend back then…along with flower dresses!

How to Make a Change

The Recipe

1 long breath in.

hold it for all the pain,

hold it for all the love,

hold it for the future,

now, jump into the ocean

and let go!

Now, let it flow.

1 long breath in.

Remember the past,

grow into the present,

look towards your future.

1 long breath in.

hold it for those you’ve forgiven,

hold it for those you’ll never forget,

now out of the water

and exhale!